Where will this journey end?

Young gun

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To finish first, first you have to finish


Close to the edge

The term ‘gentlemen racers’ is not an unfamiliar one to race fans. If it wasn’t for those enthusiasts who are willing to put their money…

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There are certain professions which tend to suggest that it is unlikely that the practitioner is unlikely to enjoy a long life, untroubled by injury.…

Does it get any better?


The real deal

Back in April we met a group of racers who disprove that old adage of “nostalgia isn’t what it used to be”. These are the…

Racing into history


Built to last

In the world of motor racing there are some engine manufacturers whose names have become embedded in its history. But…

Two wheels good

Finding motivation for youngsters who have found difficulty in continuing mainstream education is a challenge. Social, behavioural, emotional or academic issues can…


Next month, motor racing history will be made in a Cornish bay more normally associated with surfers, sand castles and…

Mr Pro Mod

So picture this. It’s your wedding night. Romance is in the air. And your mind is on one thing only……

Happy Christmas


The art of start

For most people the words Christmas tree have happy connotations. For a few, their sentiments are probably rather different. Because a Christmas Tree can mark the difference between success and failure. A dividing line that is…

#britishbomb and the beast


Peaky Blunders

There are times in the world of motorsport when a driver and his car become one. Synonymous with each other. Inseparable Take Colin McCrae and the Subaru Impreza? Or Jimmy Clark and the Lotus 25? Another good…

Winning is is the blood


Like father like son

Born with the smell of nitro in his nose (metaphorically speaking you understand), it surely came as no surprise that Albert Carter has followed in his father’s footsteps, albeit so far he has chosen a different path to…

And a gentle nudge


Push and shove

On the 16 April 1954 something momentous happened in New Cross London. It was, as it were, an American import and it signalled the start of something big. An explosion of on track action that…

Can anyone stop him?



Precocious talent. How many times have you heard that expression, then see it crash and burn as the talent in question fails to deliver on earlier promise? Well the talent in the spotlight here has already…