Dream debut for Charlie Martin

One step closer

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Melissa Kennedy road racer


Small things comes in fast packages

We’ve been here before and we’ll no doubt revisit again because we have a strange fascination with the roads of North and Southern Ireland. Or…

Twist and turn


Road kills

The month of May in the UK can evoke different reactions in different people. And we’re not talking about phases of the moon. No here in…

...and the world stops turning


Time stops…

Where were you when… It’s a question that always proceeds recollection of momentous events. In sport and in motorsport particularly it is often associated with…

The futures bright


Bragging rights

Five years ago BMW stole a march on the world’s supercar manufacturers when they launched their new eye popping i8.…

Clever dickies

The British Supersport Championship has never been an easy series to compete in. Close fought with no quarter given. But Team…

The big time

For the past two years we’ve been watching the seemingly inexorable progress of one young rally driver who has been setting…

Mr Pro Mod

So picture this. It’s your wedding night. Romance is in the air. And your mind is on one thing only……

No holding back



In the world of motor racing there are names that get people’s attention. Command respect. Hamilton is one of them. But not necessarily for the reasons that immediately come to mind. You see there are two…

Garage god


Mechanics best friend

If anyone has ever bought a second hand car on a budget, chances are that when it came to your choice of reading matter, one book would be at the top of your personal best…

No touching


Hot Rods rule

In motorsport, as in many areas of life, everything is relative. In the rarified atmosphere of Formula One, where budgets run into hundreds of millions, for the leading teams cost control rarely seems to be an issue.…

Le Mans calling


Days of Thunder

The name of Charlie Martin is well to known NGK fans as we have been following her race career over the past years. We picked her up in 2016 as she competed in CFM and…

He came. He saw. Will he conquer?


The quiet American.

Time passes quickly in the world of F1. Just three years ago we were speculating as to the future of the latest newcomer to the grid. American newcomers Haas F1 were preparing for their first…