Riding into the record books

One wheel on my wagon

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New season, new challenges


Go Charlie

Last year we told you a bit about a certain Charlie Martin. Charlie likes hills. And she’s got herself something of a reputation for being…

Engineered to endure for 200 years!


Built to last

Spyker is not what you would call a household name. In fact unless you’re a bona fide petrolhead, the name might well have until now…

a round up of who, what and when


The race is on

We always love the start of the motorsport season. New drivers, new teams so much potential and so many surprises waiting to happen. As ever…

Woolf in Bentley clothing


Legends in the making

Sad fact is that tales of automotive daring do are few and far between nowadays. Speed limits and cameras having…

Two’s company

Maria Costello is no stranger to putting her reputation on the line when it comes to two wheels. Last season…

Gone for a spin

The bike show that no fan likes to miss is the Motorcycle live at the NEC. As ever this year’s…

The Warriors

Over the hill. Past it. How many times have we heard those comments passed? And truth is, in many if…

Last impressions count


The way to go

It has been said that funerals are not for the dead but the living. That ideally they should provide an opportunity to say goodbye to a loved one that will both comfort the grieving and…

It takes more than brains


University Challenge

Over the years, degree courses have changed out of all recognition with a distinct emphasis on the practical application of theory learned in lectures. Taking that even further, many of the courses are now created…

Fast and furious


Kart king

With the explosion of karting tracks around the country, thousands upon thousands have experienced the sensation of speed you get when your nether regions are an inch or two off the ground. Pretty quick huh?…

Pants on fire


Pump it up

David Franks is a man used to going places. Fast. So not surprisingly when he signs off his shift as a firefighter he likes to continue in the same vein. Going places. Fast. Of course…

A treat for the eyes


Hot Metal

It may be the closed season when racers are fettling and fans are waiting for their teams to break cover, but all is not lost for those looking for a bit of action. Equally for…