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Team spirit

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Aiming high



As every racer knows, you have to take the rough with the smooth. Ride the lean periods. Make the most of the good times. Because…

Never say never


Burning ambition

This time last year we brought to your attention the plight of a group of firefighters who were facing a serious issue. A total lack…

F1 finishing school


Learning curve

For many a year the UK has had a reputation as being the crucible of motor racing. A hotbed of talent that drives the sport…

Never say never


The long and winding road

This time last year we were looking forward to Autosport International and the forthcoming visit of a world champion to…

Busy busy

The are some people who always seem to be in a perpetual state of motion. Seeking new challenges. Pushing their…

Two wheels good

Finding motivation for youngsters who have found difficulty in continuing mainstream education is a challenge. Social, behavioural, emotional or academic issues can…


Next month, motor racing history will be made in a Cornish bay more normally associated with surfers, sand castles and…

To finish first, first you have to finish


Close to the edge

The term ‘gentlemen racers’ is not an unfamiliar one to race fans. If it wasn’t for those enthusiasts who are willing to put their money were their mouth is then, quite often, many series would…

Where will this journey end?


Young gun

A born natural. Duck to water. Expressions like these are bandied around often, but seldom are so strikingly apposite as in the case of Chloe Jones. Less than four years ago (by the way Chloe…

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There are certain professions which tend to suggest that it is unlikely that the practitioner is unlikely to enjoy a long life, untroubled by injury. One that instantly comes to mind is stunt rider. The…

Happy Christmas


The art of start

For most people the words Christmas tree have happy connotations. For a few, their sentiments are probably rather different. Because a Christmas Tree can mark the difference between success and failure. A dividing line that is…

#britishbomb and the beast


Peaky Blunders

There are times in the world of motorsport when a driver and his car become one. Synonymous with each other. Inseparable Take Colin McCrae and the Subaru Impreza? Or Jimmy Clark and the Lotus 25? Another good…