Wherefore art thou?

Romeo and Giulia

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The ultimate plaything


The model of your dreams

So you’ve just taken delivery of your La Ferrari, Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Centenario, McLaren P1 (delete where applicable). Or maybe you’ve lashed out at auction…



Pump up the volume

Whatever the form of propulsion unit, achieving speeds of 1000mph or more tends to use a lot of fuel. Rockets are probably the thirstiest engines…

Getting a head start


The art of fast

Back in the day, the racer’s helmet was an item with little more use than to keep the oil and insects out of your hair.…

Two wheels very good.



Broadening the mind. That what we see our job here at Torque as being. And it’s a fact that getting…

They’re off

You have to say it’s not easy being Nico. First you start off having possibly the most famous (certainly the…

Maximum respect

“Motorsport can be dangerous” If you’ve bought a ticket for an event the chances are you’ll have seen these words…

Ain’t no mountain high enough

Hill climbing, despite being one of the original forms of motorsport,  doesn’t get the coverage it deserves in the UK.…

Mid term report


The naughty corner

Look out of the window and what do you see. Clouds? Maybe rain in the air? Can only mean one thing. The British Grand Prix is just around the corner and the midway point of…

Taming nature


Take a deep breath

Around June time we like to invent a game at Torque. This year it’s rather fetchingly called “Up yours”. Now for any self respecting petrolhead, apart from games with racey titles, June means one other…

First came the spider...


…now comes the scorpion

At the end of last year we celebrated the anticipated return of a motoring icon. The very welcome return of a 1960s classic, the Fiat 124 Spider. Truth be told the car isn’t exactly what…

Rough and tumble


Touring cars. Not.

To us, the title touring cars conjours up hot summer days, driving along dusty foreign roads in something sporty, roof down. But add one more word to that title and it’s a whole different ball…

Don't spare the horses


Follow that cab

“It’s on the meter” is a story that, for some very good reasons, is three years late in the telling. First when it started Torque didn’t exist. And when it finished we still didn’t exist. Since…