No holding back


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Garage god


Mechanics best friend

If anyone has ever bought a second hand car on a budget, chances are that when it came to your choice of reading matter, one…

No touching


Hot Rods rule

In motorsport, as in many areas of life, everything is relative. In the rarified atmosphere of Formula One, where budgets run into hundreds of millions, for the…

Le Mans calling


Days of Thunder

The name of Charlie Martin is well to known NGK fans as we have been following her race career over the past years. We picked…

He came. He saw. Will he conquer?


The quiet American.

Time passes quickly in the world of F1. Just three years ago we were speculating as to the future of…

The big time

For the past two years we’ve been watching the seemingly inexorable progress of one young rally driver who has been setting…

Busy busy

The are some people who always seem to be in a perpetual state of motion. Seeking new challenges. Pushing their…

Mr Pro Mod

So picture this. It’s your wedding night. Romance is in the air. And your mind is on one thing only……

Never say never


The long and winding road

This time last year we were looking forward to Autosport International and the forthcoming visit of a world champion to the NGK stand. The year had started promisingly for a team who know at first…

Aiming high



As every racer knows, you have to take the rough with the smooth. Ride the lean periods. Make the most of the good times. Because racing is quite simply an emotional roller coaster and not…

Never say never


Burning ambition

This time last year we brought to your attention the plight of a group of firefighters who were facing a serious issue. A total lack of motivation. Well when we we say motivation, we’re not…

F1 finishing school


Learning curve

For many a year the UK has had a reputation as being the crucible of motor racing. A hotbed of talent that drives the sport on at the highest levels, such as Formula One. Look…

There's no i in...


Team spirit

It can sometimes get forgotten in the heat of the moment, when the champagne’s spraying, that behind every driver sits a small army (or a battalion if you’re talking F1) of men and women whose shoulders…