Hard and fast

The Warriors

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Classic & Sportscar Show



There was a time when car shows in the UK were in distinctly short supply after the demise of the Motor Show at Earls Court.…

The winning formula


When the going gets tough

With Rally GB, the final round of the World Rally Championship is almost upon us. Another storming season from Sebastien Ogier sees him claim a…

Hidden treasures


Behind closed doors

From time to time a story pops out of the motoring press of how someone has found some long forgotten collectors item holed up in…

Clock this


Information overload

Time once was that you judged a car’s capability partly by the number of gauges it sported on the dashboard.…

Rain stops play

Since 1914, wannabe record breakers have found themselves drawn to what has become the spiritual home of speed. The Bonneville…

Maximum respect

“Motorsport can be dangerous” If you’ve bought a ticket for an event the chances are you’ll have seen these words…

Ain’t no mountain high enough

Hill climbing, despite being one of the original forms of motorsport,  doesn’t get the coverage it deserves in the UK.…

Wherefore art thou?


Romeo and Giulia

Back at the beginning of this year, we wrote about a car that seemed determined to go head to head with one of the most respected names in the high performance saloon car category. The…

The ultimate plaything


The model of your dreams

So you’ve just taken delivery of your La Ferrari, Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Centenario, McLaren P1 (delete where applicable). Or maybe you’ve lashed out at auction on a GTO, D-Type or DBR1? Trouble is, unless you…

The final countdown?


They’re off

You have to say it’s not easy being Nico. First you start off having possibly the most famous (certainly the most successful) F1 driver of all time as team mate. He retires. You then get…

Getting a head start


The art of fast

Back in the day, the racer’s helmet was an item with little more use than to keep the oil and insects out of your hair. The choice of linen or leather as the favoured materials…

Mid term report


The naughty corner

Look out of the window and what do you see. Clouds? Maybe rain in the air? Can only mean one thing. The British Grand Prix is just around the corner and the midway point of…