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Hot Metal

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It takes more than brains


University Challenge

Over the years, degree courses have changed out of all recognition with a distinct emphasis on the practical application of theory learned in lectures. Taking…

Fast and furious


Kart king

With the explosion of karting tracks around the country, thousands upon thousands have experienced the sensation of speed you get when your nether regions are…

Pants on fire


Pump it up

David Franks is a man used to going places. Fast. So not surprisingly when he signs off his shift as a firefighter he likes to…

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The F word

It’s got to be tough being Gordon Ramsey. World famous chef. World famous TV celebrity. And as we know, not…

The way to go

It has been said that funerals are not for the dead but the living. That ideally they should provide an…

Gone for a spin

The bike show that no fan likes to miss is the Motorcycle live at the NEC. As ever this year’s…

The Warriors

Over the hill. Past it. How many times have we heard those comments passed? And truth is, in many if…

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder



A while back now we delved into the world of customisers. But not the new alloys, mega sound system, trick paint job, breathing new life into Saxos end of the market. But the uber customisers.…

The muck stops here


Down and dirty

Ultra 4 Europe is a racing series that almost defies description. See what we mean? Basically it involves racing a truck that is very loosely based on a 4X4. Say a Land Rover Defender. Except…

The Formula One merry go round is in full swing


Will I stay or will I go?

Keeping a secret in the world of Formula One is like trying to hide an elephant in an eggcup. It’s not happening is it? But this season there was an elephant in the room that…

Talent rising


The next generation

At NGK we reckon we can spot a winner when we see one. And speedway is a sport where we seem to be on a roll. Why speedway you may ask. Well what’s not to…

Clock this


Information overload

Time once was that you judged a car’s capability partly by the number of gauges it sported on the dashboard. Only a speedo? Shopping car. Rev counter? Getting warm. Add a trio of water, oil…