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Terms and Conditions

In reading this section of the NGKTorque site we’d like to make a few things clear and set some guidelines for how we expect our visitors to behave.

First and foremost anything you post on NGKTorque could potentially enter the public domain, so please make sure any comments you make are neither malicious nor illegal. If they are you are responsible for them.

NGKTorque will make every reasonable effort to protect your personal information. We do not supply reader information to any third parties.

Furthermore please ensure that any content you supply to NGKTorque is cleared for use by the owner. if you are not the owner yourself. NGKTorque respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects users and contributors to do the same.

You own the content that you provide to NGKTorque. However, NGKTorque may modify, distribute or use that content in a variety of ways. For example, your content may be re-formatted or combined with other content to create a feature or customized article.

NGKTorque reserves the right to remove any content or comments at our discretion.