About us

Karl Benz is the man generally credited with the invention of the first vehicle powered by the internal combustion engine. So hats off to Karl! Without him NGKTorque would have no reason for being. Nor would the stories that we’ll be covering.

NGKTorque also wouldn’t exist without its title sponsor NGK. The world’s leading manufacturer of spark plugs. An item which Mr Benz’s engine rather relies upon. NGK may not be a household name, but wherever you look, under the bonnet of a family car, in the engine of a Formula One racer, on millions of motorbikes, chances are you’ll find one or more NGK spark plugs doing their thing.

So thank you Mr Benz and NGK for creating the means to celebrate the internal combustion engine in all its forms and uses. And thank you to all the enthusiasts, hobbyists, petrolheads and professionals who allow us to share their stories.

If you have feedback you’d like to pass our way, suggestions on how we can do things better or stories you’d like to share please let us know by using the contact form.