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Happy Christmas

The art of start

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History in the making


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#britishbomb and the beast

Peaky Blunders

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Winning is is the blood


Like father like son

Born with the smell of nitro in his nose (metaphorically speaking you understand), it surely came as no surprise that Albert Carter has…

The ultimate racer


Mr Pro Mod

So picture this. It’s your wedding night. Romance is in the air. And your mind is on one thing only……

And a gentle nudge


Push and shove

On the 16 April 1954 something momentous happened in New Cross London. It was, as it were, an American import…

Can anyone stop him?



Precocious talent. How many times have you heard that expression, then see it crash and burn as the talent in question…

If you dare...


The world’s fastest road race

How do you measure speed? How fast is fast? It’s all relative surely? But no. When you bring together four…

Aussie grunt


Down under up and over

There are a few circuits around the world that gain a reputation for competitors, regardless or not of whether they’ve raced there…

Man made thunder and lightening


A day at the races

Summer conjures up many things for different people. Lazy days. Cool beer. Hot sun. For petrolheads it means something different…

That's rallycross!


Rough and tumble

Back in the day, when the man with a mouse on his upper lip (otherwise known as Dickie Davis) was…

or deBolex


The business

It’s funny what catches your attention. Ticks your box. Tickles your fancy. It draws you in because instinctively it feels…

Ready. Steady. Go...


Two lane grey top

Back in 1966 two important sporting events occurred. Both were groundbreaking, but perhaps one more so than the other. Especially if…