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What goes around...

Evolution of the species

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Never say never

The latecomer

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Pocket rockets

Mini marvels

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Dizzying stuff


Up and down to round and round

There must be something in the air, but 2018 seems to have a wind of change blowing through it with…

Keeping the show on the road


Jump start needed

This time last year, we introduced readers to a bunch of firefighters who won’t take no for an answer. Why?¬†Simple…

Catch her if you can



Capturing the moment. That’s what marks the ordinary from the extraordinary. And when taking a great photograph, that’s what defines…

Art imitating reality


Nice paint job

If this writer had spent as much time at his homework, as he did drawing cars, then life may well…

...and you'll miss them



Back in the day, 1975 to be precise, NGK UK was the new kid on the block. Yet to make…

Motorcycle Live -the biggest and best



If you love your bikes there is one show you will make a beeline for every year – Motorcycle Live.…

Go tell it on the mountain


Peak performance

Torque readers will know that we’ve been following the upwards progress of one Charlie Martin for the past year or…

What does fast feel like?


Six second wonder

What can you do in six seconds (no time wasters please)? If you’re Usain Bolt you’d no doubt put it…

Born to ride


Norman’s conquest

NGK were very fortunate this year in being able to gather together a sparkling array of two and four wheel…

Racer, trooper, engineer


True grit

One of the great things about motorsport is that it’s a great leveller. It may have taken some time for…