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Never say never

The long and winding road

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Aiming high


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Never say never

Burning ambition

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F1 finishing school


Learning curve

For many a year the UK has had a reputation as being the crucible of motor racing. A hotbed of…

There's no i in...


Team spirit

It can sometimes get forgotten in the heat of the moment, when the champagne’s spraying, that behind every driver sits a…

An alternative approach pays off


Two wheels good

Finding motivation for youngsters who have found difficulty in continuing mainstream education is a challenge. Social, behavioural, emotional or academic issues can…

To finish first, first you have to finish


Close to the edge

The term ‘gentlemen racers’ is not an unfamiliar one to race fans. If it wasn’t for those enthusiasts who are…

Where will this journey end?


Young gun

A born natural. Duck to water. Expressions like these are bandied around often, but seldom are so strikingly apposite as…

Enter caption here



There are certain professions which tend to suggest that it is unlikely that the practitioner is unlikely to enjoy a…

Happy Christmas


The art of start

For most people the words Christmas tree have happy connotations. For a few, their sentiments are probably rather different. Because a…

History in the making



Next month, motor racing history will be made in a Cornish bay more normally associated with surfers, sand castles and…

#britishbomb and the beast


Peaky Blunders

There are times in the world of motorsport when a driver and his car become one. Synonymous with each other. Inseparable…

Winning is is the blood


Like father like son

Born with the smell of nitro in his nose (metaphorically speaking you understand), it surely came as no surprise that Albert Carter has…