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Big boy's toy

The ultimate grand tourer

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Are these the original beachboys?

The Race of Gentlemen

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How fast is FXXing fast?

Fast. Faster. Fastest.

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Against all odds


Malcolm the Conqueror

It’s never easy to succeed in any class of motorsport, particularly when as a privateer you’re up against the ‘big…

Keeps your friends close...


Brotherly love

“There is no I in team” is an oft quoted expression that many F1 drivers could be reminded of, particularly…

Well would you?


Blind faith

To have a relationship based totally on trust is a rare, some might say beautiful thing. Some however would equally…

Not just the fairer sex but faster too...


Fast women

Last issue of Torque we took a gentle walk into a potential minefield by pondering if their ability to multi…

What does fast feel like?


Six second wonder

What can you do in six seconds (no time wasters please)? If you’re Usain Bolt you’d no doubt put it…

Born to ride


Norman’s conquest

NGK were very fortunate this year in being able to gather together a sparkling array of two and four wheel…

Racer, trooper, engineer


True grit

One of the great things about motorsport is that it’s a great leveller. It may have taken some time for…

Driven to succeed


Rising star

Kids. What would you do without them? Well John Yates can answer that one. Enjoying driving his beloved Porsche. But…

Maria Costello adds another wheel to her career


Two’s company

Maria Costello is no stranger to putting her reputation on the line when it comes to two wheels. Last season…

New season, new challenges


Go Charlie

Last year we told you a bit about a certain Charlie Martin. Charlie likes hills. And she’s got herself something…