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Last impressions count

The way to go

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It takes more than brains

University Challenge

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Fast and furious

Kart king

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Pants on fire


Pump it up

David Franks is a man used to going places. Fast. So not surprisingly when he signs off his shift as…

A treat for the eyes


Hot Metal

It may be the closed season when racers are fettling and fans are waiting for their teams to break cover,…

Coming soon...


The F word

It’s got to be tough being Gordon Ramsey. World famous chef. World famous TV celebrity. And as we know, not…

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder



A while back now we delved into the world of customisers. But not the new alloys, mega sound system, trick…

The muck stops here


Down and dirty

Ultra 4 Europe is a racing series that almost defies description. See what we mean? Basically it involves racing a…

The Formula One merry go round is in full swing


Will I stay or will I go?

Keeping a secret in the world of Formula One is like trying to hide an elephant in an eggcup. It’s…

Talent rising


The next generation

At NGK we reckon we can spot a winner when we see one. And speedway is a sport where we…

Clock this


Information overload

Time once was that you judged a car’s capability partly by the number of gauges it sported on the dashboard.…

Hidden treasures


Behind closed doors

From time to time a story pops out of the motoring press of how someone has found some long forgotten…

Wherefore art thou?


Romeo and Giulia

Back at the beginning of this year, we wrote about a car that seemed determined to go head to head…