Imagine grass with go faster stripes


Spot the difference

Option one


Here we have a lawnmower.

Not only is it red and shiny. The NGK sparked Honda HF2620 is a snazzy little number with some very impressive stats.

Engine: Pro OHV V-twin 688cc
Width cut: 102 – 122cm.
Electric Grass Dump: Yes
Mulching: Of course

Gardening fans go green over its 102cm synchronous blades, Versamow mulching. Its power could take a bit of getting used too for the amateur gardener.

For some, it’s considered the ultimate grass guzzler. For others, it’s just not quite scary enough.

Enter the team from Honda’s British Touring Car Championship partner, Team Dynamics, and three times BTCC champion Matt Neal and 2013 champion Gordon Sheddan.

Enter option two


Again we have a lawnmower. And again, it’s red and shiny.

But if you’ve not yet spotted it. There is one very small, but very significant difference.

Engine: VTR 1000F Firestorm, 1000cc
Width cut: 102 – 122cm.
Electric Grass Dump: Yep
Mulching: Of course

Maybe all that grass went to their heads. But last year Honda set a new world record for the fastest ever lawnmower by re-engineering a Honda HF2620 from the ground up. Adding a new chassis and a 1000cc superbike engine from a NGK sparked Honda VTR Firestorm.

It allowed the ‘Mean Mower’ to reach 0-60 in four seconds, and top-out at a max speed of a mind-fizzing 187kph. All with a greater power to weight ration than a Bugatti Veyron. Impressive.

More impressive still. The Mean Mower is still handy around the home. That’s right. It can still trim the lawn, but at rather more than double the speed of the original HF2620.

Check out the mean mower in action.

While we don’t expect to see the super charged terror at Homebase any time soon. You will be able to check out the Mean Mower at the NGK stand at Saltex, 4-5 November at Birmingham’s NEC. We might just see you there.

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