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Broadening the mind. That what we see our job here at Torque as being. And it’s a fact that getting four wheel fans to really appreciate the finer points of a motorcycle can be a bit tricky. Which is a shame because there are some truly beautiful bikes being lovingly crafted by artisan bikeshops around the world.

So for once you four wheel fans, suspend your disbelief and feast your eyes on some of these amazing two wheel works of art. Our journey starts over in Holland. Not the first place you’d necessarily associate with custom bikes, but you’d be wrong because Moto Adonis are clearly passionate about what comes out of their shop.


Based on a Yamaha XV750, a favoured choice for many customisers, it’s been comprehensively reworked to create this beautiful cafe racer. You won’t be surprised to hear the first thing that caught our eye, and we suspect yours, is the amazing hand made exhaust.


If you’re quick you can see more of the work from Moto Adonis at the Heyday Motorcycle Fair in Breda, Holland on the 16th July. Now we know that’s late notice but seeing their work you can’t help feel the trip will be worth it!

Another Dutch builder worth keeping an eye on is Roland Snel. Based on a Yamaha 1984-spec TR1, he’s re-invented the air-cooled 75-degree V-twin into a cafe racer par excellence.



What we particularly love is how he’s kept the look and feel of the original graphics and colour of the bike, but made it very definitely 21st century. Maybe a little less brutal than the Moto Adonis, but it certainly has no less presence.

But if hard core is what floats your boat, this 1994 Kawasaki Ninja ZX7, reborn as Thunder Chunky should catch your eye and your imagination. The new bodywork and disruptive paint job, together with the windshield give the bike a distinctive signature. Unfortunately creators of this rework are a little further afield. Portland Oregon to be precise.

bike 6

An alternative approach to giving a Ninja even more attitude (if indeed it were ever needed), is this streetfighter. In a classic application of the less is more approach, the owner Bill Webb having stripped away the bodywork, fabricated a new subframe to tidy things away and attended to a host of other items and voila, here you have it.

bike 9
bike 8

Now we hope this little peek has widened everyone’s horizons a bit for the brilliant things that are happening on two wheels. If we have whetted your appetite then there’s a lot more where these came from at We’ve spent hours drooling since we discovered it. We hope you will too.  Enjoy!

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