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Jump start needed

This time last year, we introduced readers to a bunch of firefighters who won’t take no for an answer. Why? Simple really. They are, as they were then, men on a mission. That being to raise awareness and money for the Firefighters Charity which does exactly what it says on the tin. Helping firemen and the families of firemen who have been injured in the course of duty helping the likes of me and you.

The vehicle for this activity (sorry, pun intended) was a rather quick Mini in which they competed in the Mini Miglia series. And it has to be said competed with some success. In fact such so that the boys started to lay plans for a boost to their winning ways and money raising efforts by building a new racer. Which of course would be a faster racer. Well as David Franks, team principal and driver said at the end of last season “no point in going backwards”.

Now David and his team are no strangers to raising money and the uphill struggle that represents. The team’s earlier efforts can be seen in this picture from a few years back when their approach was of the “more the merrier” type – as you can see from the blizzard of sponsorship stickers…

Last year’s approach was to be more focussed, looking to attract fewer but more significant sponsors, hence NGK being only too happy to help raise their profile by putting the team on the front cover of their parts catalogue which has guaranteed coverage in the tens of thousands. So far so good.

With the build well underway all was going pretty much to plan until they hit a stumbling block with the new engine. The builders KAD, being made of the right stuff, went ahead in good faith and built the wee beastie. All 180 bhp of it. Then came a hitch, the expected funding for the engine was no longer forthcoming. Which put KAD and the firefighters between a rock and hard place. Not unreasonably they needed paying, but the dosh was no longer there to fund it. So close and yet so far.

As you can, see most of the build is complete, apart from a rather large empty space at the front of their fire engine red (what else) mini.

That’s where you might come in. Maybe you know of someone who could help the guys get their engine and put their fund raising efforts literally back on track? If you do you can contact David on 01227 250 750 or you can email him.

And we’re sure if you can help, the boys will help realise every small boy’s dream and get you a ride in something red and shiny. No not the Cooper! The one with the blues and twos.

Meantime why not check out their website and to help keep the money rolling in for the Fire Fighters charity,  make a donation to their Just Giving page.

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