A treat for the eyes


Hot Metal

It may be the closed season when racers are fettling and fans are waiting for their teams to break cover, but all is not lost for those looking for a bit of action.

Equally for petrolheads who prefer not to risk their pride and joys on winter roads, the opportunity to to get up close to some serious machinery is not be missed either.

So that’s why car nuts in the UK are very lucky indeed that in the dark winter months they have two shows ready to give them a fix of what they love best.

First off in January there is Autosport International. This show is an absolute must for anybody who loves motor racing, be it fans or competitors. In one form or another and with a gap here and there,  it’s been running in various guises since at least the sixties, maybe earlier. And then as now it provides a great showcase for what is, let’s face it, a massive and highly prestigeous industry that has Great Britain stamped all over it.

Needless to say for a company that has a long pedigree of racing success NGK was there and pleased to have a GT3 Bentley from Team Parker Racing in pole position on our stand. We also were proud to see another of our sponsored teams M-Sport reveal in the flesh their contender for WRC glory. Amazing to think just days later they and their new driver, WRC World Champion Sebastien Ogier would claim victory in the Monte Carlo Rally. What a great start to the season.

Following on from the glamour of racing, the next show to take the stage boasted over £120 million pounds worth of Ferraris! Think of the insurance premium on that little lot! The show in question was the London Classic Car Show. It featured a true feast not only of Ferraris (including two GTOs which must have been worth around £70 million between them!!!), but also an amazing array of mouthwatering machinery. From classics to classic in the making.

The show also boasted a stellar cast of racers in the form of Le Mans winners Derek Bell and Emanuele Pirro and racing legend Jackie Ickx who too has won Le Mans more than once along with several Grands Prix.

So lots to enjoy whatever your taste in things automotive and something to threaten the good health of your bank balance if you were tempted.