Hidden treasures


Behind closed doors

From time to time a story pops out of the motoring press of how someone has found some long forgotten collectors item holed up in a garage. ‘Barn finds’ they call them.

The one that really caught our eye recently was a story one individual who inherited his barn find from a deceased relative. You can imagine the will being read out:

” …and to my nephew Michael, I bequeath my lock up garage and all its contents”.

And there’s Michael thinking, thanks a *?!!**!?** lot Uncle!

Well this turned out to Michael’s lucky day because when he finally turned up to clear the garage out, opening the door presented him with a jaw dropping sight. There, undisturbed for 27 years, lay a sports car. But not just any old sports car, but a bright orange (well it would be bright when restored), full blooded Italian supercar. A Lamborghini Miura!


Mama mia, make my day!



Well truth be told, the story behind this Lambo seeing the light day again didn’t quite unfold like that. But it did set us thinking…

Now I don’t know about where you live, but in Torque’s neck of the woods there aren’t too many barns to be found. In fact they’re probably rarer than Miuras! But what we do have is lock ups. In ones, twos tens and more. Hundreds of them, lots of which obviously haven’t been opened in many a long day.

Then add to that the projects left corners of yards, awaiting that spurt of enthusiasm and money to finish the labour of love. Just like this one we found just around the corner. Another Italian exotic, albeit somewhat more modest.

Original 695 Abarth’s now make similar money to their more modern counterpoints and quite right too. To us the pictures of Fiat’s original pocket rocket, boot lid propped open for added cooling, is one of those enduring, truly iconic car images.

We hope this one, which looked in pretty good condition and on the road to recovery, albeit living al fresco, looked close to being revived. But the question is what does lie behind closed doors? Barn doors or otherwise.

Next time you’re walking past that lock up round the corner, just think what might be hiding in there. Or maybe you’ve got your own project stashed away for a rainy day?

Well don’t keep it to yourself. Share the love and the passion with your fellow Torquistas.

We’ve shown one of ours, now you show us yours…

Tags: , Published on 31st October 2016