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4C spells Happy Birthday for the Alfa Owners Club.

Some brands test their followers’ loyalty to the very limit and beyond. Alfa Romeo is definitely one that has had its up and downs over the years. The unloved Arna possibly representing its nadir.

But sunny days are here again and what better way to celebrate the resurgent Alfa than the presence of its gorgeous new 4C at this year’s 50th Anniversary party of the Alfa Romeo’s Owners Club.

It wasn’t just the newcomer that caught our eye at the bash, but a feast of lovely Alfas that spanned even more than the fifty years being celebrated. In fact, the earliest model is not far off celebrating its 90th birthday!

This was no Pebble Beach pampered cat, but a beautifully original 1929 1500 6C Drophead Coupe model that looked completely at home in the stately home setting of Boughton House in Northamptonshire. As they say, class attracts class.

Vintage Alfa

Historically, of course, part of Alfa’s downs were as a result of a lack of resilience to the British weather. But on the day of the party, whilst that might have been an issue for the attendees, the cars themselves shrugged off the showers with disdain.

wet Alfa

The model that perhaps suffered most from this malady was the brilliant Alfasud. But through the valiant efforts of Alfa lovers, there were several superb examples of this classic, looking as good if not better than the day they left the forecourt. It’s amazing how the design of the Alfasud seems so timeless.

The orange Ti below certainly bought back many happy memories of country roads negotiated at unfeasibly high speeds.

Alfasud 1.3Ti

But while Alfas have always positively encouraging spirited driving (who mentioned the word Arna?), they have never caught the attention of the boy racer. Perhaps they might have done if their engines had been more visible. The Alfa V6 is surely the best looking engine ever to find a home in mass produced motorcars.

Alfa V6

Where else could you find beauty and the beast sharing the same heritage? Well, Alfa have certainly done their best to see how far their fans’ affections can be pushed when you compare these two: the Alfa 1900 Superleggera and ‘Il Mostro’ as it has been nicknamed. No prizes for guessing how the latter translates into English…

Alfa 1900CSS Superleggera

Il Mostro

I really can’t think how better to spend a day than in the company of beautiful models, both classic and contemporary. With this great legacy to draw upon and with an equally exciting future exemplified by the new 4C (which we have to say looks better in the flesh than in any photograph), the future for Alfa looks brighter than it has for quite some time.

So, while leaving you with a classic…

Alfa Romeo Giulia

…we’d just like to add a small observation. Maybe next time the owners’ club could find caterers with a little more red wine in their blood? A plate of pasta, or maybe a pizza, would have fitted the occasion rather better. Mind you, better weather would’ve helped, too. But here’s to the next fifty years.

Cin cin Alfa Romeo. Keep the classics coming.

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