Brace yourself...


Some guys have all the luck…

At some point or other, every car nut has dreamt about what they’d have in their garage if money was no object. And there are a few guys who have wasted no effort (or money) fulfilling their dreams. American TV star Jay Leno has a car collection most museums would give their right arm for. DJ Chris Evans, rock stars Jay Kay, Eric Clapton and of course, Pink Floyd’s petrolhead Nick Mason are all known to have one or two supercars in their garages. One or two being, perhaps, an understatement.

But trumping them all is a rather lower key individual who has this year achieved the ultimate in supercar one-upmanship.

Brace yourself… One Ferrari La Ferrari (no we don’t understand the name either). One Porsche 918 Spyder. One McLaren P1.

With a combined value north of three million (and an insurance premium to match, no doubt), UK businessman Paul Bailey is one proud owner.

But is he happy? Watch the video from the SUPERCARDRIVER and judge for yourself.

One final thought to take away with you. Apart from the owner, there is any other thing that these cars have in common?

NGK spark plugs. What else?

Tags: , , , Published on 7th April 2015