The ultimate plaything


The model of your dreams

So you’ve just taken delivery of your La Ferrari, Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Centenario, McLaren P1 (delete where applicable). Or maybe you’ve lashed out at auction on a GTO, D-Type or DBR1? Trouble is, unless you park it in the living room, or better still the bedroom (try explaining that to the partner), it’s unlikely you’ll be able to admire your new toy whenever you want to. So what do you do?


Simple. Get two.

One for driving. One for admiring. The former you get from your preferred supplier. The latter you go to someone even more special. A company called Amalgam.

Amalgam make beautiful cars. Exclusive cars. So even when you didn’t make the short list for that limited edition you hankered after, these boys will put it right. For a price. But there is a small catch. Literally a small catch. Indistinguishable from the real thing, Amalgam cars are only made to order. And to scale. Generally 1/8th scale.

Anything – including this year’s Ferrari SF16-H Formula One car (naturally using CAD data supplied by the factory). Or if you missed the cut, they’ll fashion you a La Ferrari (also built using factory supplied data). Perfect in every detail. Of course, if you have the real McCoy in your garage, they’ll be happy to replicate that too. Exactly to your specification.


Now 1/8th isn’t exactly small (see below), so you’ll need to get rid of that in-tray on your desk. And some don’t come cheap (you could buy yourself a real family car for the same price, but what would be the point?). Having said that they are remarkable value for money when you imagine the number of hours it takes to create one of these masterpieces. However if you ‘trade down’ to their smaller scale 1/12th models, prices can start from a relatively modest £1250.00. Which if you can’t afford the real deal is something of a snip.

But that’s not really the point about Amalgam. That’s why when F1 teams and manufacturers want to flatter their most valued customers, they look to Amalgam to deliver the goods. To see more gorgeous models, simply visit their website.


Tags: , Published on 30th August 2016