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Wild ones

Beneath every motorbike that maybe has seen better days, there are people out there who see a world of possibilities in what many might see as only fit for scrapping. There are those who believe that almost any ride can be improved, enhanced – even those not so long out of the showroom. That’s where the bobbers, flat tracks and cafe racers come in.

Now you might think that a bike might be a fairly limited canvas when it comes to customising. After all there’s not a lot of bodywork that can be altered. Nor is there much opportunity to radically changing things like wheel and tyre sizes like car customisers do as a matter of course. So what’s left after that? Well what’s left is only limited by your imagination…

For us the great attraction with bikes is that generally what you see is what you get so the beauty is on the outside and on show for all to see. Not hidden away behind tinted windows, closed doors and bonnets. And what’s on show has all kinds of possibilities. The bike frame becomes a work of art for all to envy. The exhaust system a sculpture to be admired even coveted. Here every detail counts because every detail is on full view.

But ultimately, while god may be in the detail, the most testing criterion of all is does it look fast standing still?

Down at the RedMax Speedshop they specialise in crafting fast. And have done so for many a year. Owner Steve Hilary has spent practically all his life in the business, opening his first bike shop after finishing his apprenticeship. Over the years he’s built a special relationship with Ducati which culminated in him building engines for British Superbike and Superstock entrants last year.

But that was then. Now he’s sold his interest in that side of the business to concentrate on his real passion. Creating custom builds from all sorts of donor bikes ranging from Ducatis through to homeless Nortons and unloved Yamahas to name but a few. That’s their focus of attention. And highly desirable too.

Just run your eyes over the beauty below and you’ll see what we mean…

If ever a bike looked fast standing this surely ticks the box. And lucky for us there will be a lot more where this came from, thanks to RedMax.

Published on 31st October 2017