Are these the original beachboys?


The Race of Gentlemen

Meldon Van Riper Stultz III.

With a name like that, what follows is probably not going to surprise you. It is a story about an extraordinary event that celebrates a time when gentlemen were gentlemen and cars and motorcycles where considered something to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Every year a group of eclectic racers and fans convene on the beach for an event called the Race of Gentlemen. It is quite unlike any other motor racing event in the world. In truth it could only happen in the USA. The place that many would claim to be the home of the automobile. And you know, maybe they’re right…

The term petrol heads is bandied around often enough, even here at Torque. But when you encounter men and women for whom their car or bike is literaly the most important thing in their lives, well you have to tip your hat to them.

But more than that, when you realise that passion also brings a sense of purpose and balance to their lives, that sense of karma seems to be infectious. And that is what the movie ‘Normal People’ is all about.

To most people the term gentlemen racers conjures up a picture of wealthy enthusiasts who can afford to go racing in a way most of us can only dream of. Well a look at The Race of Gentlemen reveals for us a true meaning of the expression. Individuals whose passion transcends envy or hate, but manifests itself in the joy of a passion shared. True gentlemen and gentleladies.

June 9 -10 2018 is when the next running of the Race of Gentlemen will take place. We’re booking our tickets now. See you on the beach.

Published on 31st October 2017