How fast is FXXing fast?


Fast. Faster. Fastest.

When you’ve shelled out a mere £1.5 million for your La Ferrari you might well feel the need for extra speed as we’re sure even the warp speed performance of the standard car might start seeming a tad pedestrian after a few stop light grand prix. As if….

But for those fortunate few who have got money to burn, those kind folks at Ferrari came up with a way of relieving you of a little more of your cash pile. Enter the FXX K.

The FXX-K, through its combination of V12, electric motor and KERS, delivers in excess of 900 Nm. Which isn’t bad for an investment of something in the region of £2.25 million. The other good thing is that the chances of running into another one in the pub car park are fairly slim as only 40 are being made and, needless to say, ownership was strictly by invitation from the men at Maranello.

Oh and the other reason you won’t see one down your local is the fact that the FXX K isn’t road legal. It’s strictly for trackday use only. So that’s those bragging rights blown out of the window. Mind you Ferrari do provide a full pit crew for you when you pitch up at one of nine sessions a year and stretch the legs of your FXX K – and no doubt frighten yourself silly. Mind you what a way to lose your no claims bonus….

So there you are, one of forty owners worldwide and therefore member of a very exclusive club and no doubt feeling pretty pleased with yourself. Then Ferrari go and drop a bombshell. That rather expensive plaything isn’t quite the ultimate car that Ferrari told you it would be. No they’ve gone one better. A go faster version of your pride and joy. The FXX K Evo.

Before you start adding extra froth to your cappuccino the good news is that you don’t have to buy a new one but simply purchase what might be the ultimate go faster kit. Apparently if the mood takes you, you can purchase a whole new car, but Ferrari aren’t saying how much or indeed how many, except that it will be made available only on a very limited basis. And if you have to ask the price..

What does this go faster kit get you you’re asking? Well basically a lot of wind. Or rather taming a lot of wind by way of some fancy aerodynamics, which in turn produces a hefty increase in downforce. Apparently it’s something in the region of 23 percent compared to the regular FXX K (but unless you’ve got your own wind tunnel you’ll have to take Ferrari’s word for that) which in turn means an increase of 75% over the standard La Ferrari which you have sitting in your garage (you do have one don’t you?).

In practical terms that means at 200 kph you’ll be generating 640 kilograms of downforce and at maximum chat, more than 830 kg which is mighty impressive. The bad news is that even at that level you still won’t be able to drive your Evo upside down on a tunnel roof as the weight of the car (1,165kgs) still exceeds the amount of downforce available.

Now if it were us, on that basis alone we’d be thinking about asking for our money back. However check out the vid below and you’ll see that the end result is a car that looks araldited to the tarmac. So maybe it’s money well spent after all? Plus add to that the wailing V12 that reminds you just how good an F1 car used to sound and maybe it starts to make even more sense. Who are we trying to kid?

There you have it. Possibly the most exclusive go faster kit in the world. But the good news is you don’t have to have an FXX to enjoy the sense of ownership. You can share a bit of the action for far less because anyone can buy the same NGK spark plug fitted in the FXX Evo. Power to the people some might say.

Published on 31st October 2017