Beauty is in the eye of the beholder



A while back now we delved into the world of customisers. But not the new alloys, mega sound system, trick paint job, breathing new life into Saxos end of the market. But the uber customisers. People who have the temerity to tinker with cars that quite frankly most of us would be happy to have on the driveway, just as they rolled off the production line.

One such band are the men from Mansory.


Based just outside Bayreuth in Germany (a name which will be familiar to opera fans, but now car nuts too), they have spent over 25 years building themselves a reputation for going where others fear to tread. And maybe sometimes it might have been better had they been afraid…

Owners of Astons, Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, even Bugattis come under their spell looking for that little extra something that will make their supercar stand out from the crowd.

Take for instance the Aston Martin DBS/DB9,which Mansory rename the Cyrus.


Using your donor car they will transform it into a facsimile of the arguably rarer Aston One-77 (Mansory are somewhat few and far between, so the chances of you running into a fellow owner is somewhat slim, unless you play football in the Premier Division). And these chaps won’t be bodging it together with a bit of resin and glass fibre. Oh no, they’ll be crafting a body made from their own bespoke range of carbon fibre weaves.

When they’ve done that they’ll be happy to sell you a set of wheels from the bespoke range too.


If that isn’t enough and you want something a little racier, then why not try their Bentley GT Race. When Mansory have finished the body mods they’ll happily work over the engine too. The end result? Anything up to 1001HP. Which is likely to win hands down in bar bragging rights. Unless of course one of your mates has a Bugatti.

Actually their Linea Vincero d’Oro version of the Veyron leaves the engine as standard so you’d find yourself even stevens on power. The department where you’d find yourself somewhat lacking though is, shall we say, bling?



Mansory have lavished their attention on the both the exterior and interior, leaving a result which can never be described as understated. So we won’t. Nor could you. The only problem we can foresee, apart from a home visit by the taste police, is the likelihood you’d be No.1 on the hit parade for a lot of scallywags looking to lift anything coloured gold. The fact they’d left your Bugatti up on bricks wouldn’t really matter because they’d have probably have had the door handles too, so getting in your pride and joy might be a tad difficult if you get our drift?

Of course if you’d like to vary your amusements with a little two wheel fun, then Mansory can sort you out there too. Their Zapico bike, boasts a 160bhp twin which will propel you to 100 KPH in only 3.3 seconds.

Last but not least though, we’ll take you back to their Bentley range. There lies something very special. So special that they’ve made only three. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow us to introduce to you the Mansory Vitesse Rosé.



Published on 31st December 2016