Ferrari breaks cover


Crazy horses

With the traditional stampede of this season’s new car launches well underway, there are two in particular the F1 world has been holding its breath over. And there’s one specifically that we at NGK have a vested interest in and that’s Ferrari.

Ferrari 2

Last season, the Scuderia were the only team really able to take the fight to Mercedes. Three wins for Vettel and second place in the constructor’s bear that out. The question is will they be able to rein the Germans in further with the new generation of Prancing Horses?

With the first race still almost a month away, we’ll have to wait and see but at least now we can actually see what this years’ challenger will look like. Bella macchina!

Ferrari 4

The biggest changes that have been made to this year’s car are the position of the engine and its associated components and use of a narrower gearbox. The result is more aggressive packaging around the rear of the car, together with lower sidepods and a shorter, Mercedes style nose. So it would seem that aero is where the men from Maranello are hoping to close the gap in 2016.

Ferrari facts

As to Ferrari’s aim for this season, Team principal Maurizio Arrivabene made the following observation: “Normally I don’t set the objective, it is my boss. Last year it was three victories and we got it.

“This year we need to push a bit more, so it is going to be the championship – at least we would like to fight until the end. It won’t be easy, our competitors won’t be sleeping, but for sure we are all committed to do our best.

“We don’t go to the races with a big statement, but we do with a big commitment. Humility is our driver, our passion, our commitment.”

Ferrari front

Of the other front runners yet to reveal their 2016 contender, Williams also took the wraps off the FW38 today. Interesting to see how convergent a lot of the thinking appears to be, with the exception of the front wing.


Of course the car everyone wants to see is the new Mercedes Silver Arrow which will be unveiled at the Barcelona test on Monday. Time will tell if they’ve managed to steal another march on the chasing pack.

As ever, testing will no doubt end up provoking more questions than it supplies  answers. Only when they turn a wheel in Melbourne will all be revealed…

Published on 19th February 2016