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Happy Christmas

The art of start

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Never say never

The latecomer

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Hang on to your wallet...

Wild ones

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Magic moments


Memories are made of this

While the march of progress moves forward relentlessly, it’s good to know that many still hanker after the good old…

Hard and fast


The Warriors

Over the hill. Past it. How many times have we heard those comments passed? And truth is, in many if…

Even in the desert


Rain stops play

Since 1914, wannabe record breakers have found themselves drawn to what has become the spiritual home of speed. The Bonneville…

Risking it all for glory


Maximum respect

“Motorsport can be dangerous” If you’ve bought a ticket for an event the chances are you’ll have seen these words…

10,000 bhp and counting


Torque torque

In the world of drag racing, September sits large in the calendar as a date for destiny. The FIA/FIM European…



Have you got a story worth telling or maybe you know someone who has?

NGK Torque isn’t about us, it’s about you. The enthusiasts. The racers. The garage owners. Your passions. Your pride and…