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Keeps your friends close...

Brotherly love

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Well would you?

Blind faith

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Not just the fairer sex but faster too...

Fast women

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Born to ride


Norman’s conquest

NGK were very fortunate this year in being able to gather together a sparkling array of two and four wheel…

Racer, trooper, engineer


True grit

One of the great things about motorsport is that it’s a great leveller. It may have taken some time for…

New season, new challenges


Go Charlie

Last year we told you a bit about a certain Charlie Martin. Charlie likes hills. And she’s got herself something…

a round up of who, what and when


The race is on

We always love the start of the motorsport season. New drivers, new teams so much potential and so many surprises…

Riding into the record books


One wheel on my wagon

…and I’m still rolling along. Those of a certain age will remember the old cowboy song about the laws of…

Classic & Sportscar Show



There was a time when car shows in the UK were in distinctly short supply after the demise of the…

The winning formula


When the going gets tough

With Rally GB, the final round of the World Rally Championship is almost upon us. Another storming season from Sebastien…

Hot blooded Italian


Passion wagon

Giulia. It’s many a long year since that evocative name graced the front of an Alfa Romeo.The last time we…

Imagine grass with go faster stripes


Spot the difference

Option one Here we have a lawnmower. Not only is it red and shiny. The NGK sparked Honda HF2620 is…

NSXexy? You bet.


Back to the future

At the NGK Torque office we recently celebrated Back to the Future day. 26 years have passed since Marty McFly…