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Aiming high


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Happy Christmas

The art of start

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The ultimate racer

Mr Pro Mod

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Man made thunder and lightening


A day at the races

Summer conjures up many things for different people. Lazy days. Cool beer. Hot sun. For petrolheads it means something different…

Ready. Steady. Go...


Two lane grey top

Back in 1966 two important sporting events occurred. Both were groundbreaking, but perhaps one more so than the other. Especially if…

What does fast feel like?


Six second wonder

What can you do in six seconds (no time wasters please)? If you’re Usain Bolt you’d no doubt put it…

10,000 bhp and counting


Torque torque

In the world of drag racing, September sits large in the calendar as a date for destiny. The FIA/FIM European…

Real Two Wheel


King of the Strip

Ian King is relative rarity in the world of drag bike racing. Rare because of the level of success that…

Pod Person


Meet Drag Racing’s Mr Nice Guy

Everybody seems to know and respect Andy "Gus" Robinson. We meet drag racing's pre-eminent 'Door Slammer'...