What does fast feel like?


Six second wonder

What can you do in six seconds (no time wasters please)?

If you’re Usain Bolt you’d no doubt put it to good use. Cover a fair bit of ground. Say 60 metres or thereabouts.

Compare that to a Cheetah. If they’re feeling peckish they can accelerate from 0-60 in around three seconds which is pretty impressive. Trouble is stamina isn’t their strong point so they lose interest rather quickly. If they’re not done and dusted in six seconds then it’s some ‘lunches’ lucky day.

For Andy Robinson, six seconds is too long. It’s a kind of bogey number. What Andy wants lurks beyond that. Sub sixes is what he wants. It’s what drives him forward. Gets him out of bed.

In six seconds, or ideally less, Andy gets a lot done. He travels a quarter mile. Tops 230mph. And pulls up to 8G in the process.

His Pro Mod Camaro will slurp it’s way through gallons of nitromethane as it blasts its way down the strip generating anything up to 3,000 supercharged horses.

You can see why the car has got ‘Anger Management’ emblazoned on its bonnet. Every run is like channeling a controlled, violent explosion. You haven’t heard loud until you’ve stood by a dragster venting its fury.

But what’s it like to ride the beast? Well we’ve been lucky enough to work with Andy’s son and Crew Chief Luke to grab some footage of the man and machine at work. It’s a blast…


Tags: , , , , , Published on 30th June 2017